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  • Introduction to Powershell
  • 3 Key IoT Business Strategy Steps to Follow
  • Your Future: Built on ITIL
  • How the Cloud Impacts IT Job Skills Needed Today
  • Cloud Computing - The Big Three: Comparing AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • Become a Digital Ready Professional – RU Digital Ready?
  • Office 365: Introducing Microsoft Teams
  • Tips & Tricks for Using Office 365
  • DevOps: Modern Skills for IT Professionals
  • Securing Your Organization's Data in a Digital World
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Disruption: A Look Into the State of the Modern Cloud
  • Digital Transformation in the Age of a Mobile Workforce
  • ITIL in a World of Digital Transformation
  • Understanding Citrix Cloud
  • Advance Your Career with AWS Training & Certification
  • Understanding Citrix Certification
  • Build Your Future with Server 2016
  • SharePoint Server 2016
  • Revolutionize the Way You Think: Creativity in Technology
  • Gray Day: How the FBI Caught the Worst Spy in American History
  • The State of Security: Techniques for Managing Risk
  • Become a Transformational Leader with DevOps

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Cheat Sheets

  • Python
  • Windows 10
  • SQL Server
  • Web Browser shortcuts
  • Visual Studio


  • File Protection Solutions in Office 365 - Recommended architectures for protecting files in Office 365
  • Configuring Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid Capabilities
  • Data Science with Microsoft SQL Server 2016

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